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West High Service Station offers brake service repair in Greenwich, Stamford, Darien, New Canaan and surrounding areas. The cost of automotive brake service and repair can vary widely depending on several factors, including the make and model of your vehicle, the type of brake components used, and where you get the service done. Additionally, labor rates and parts prices can vary based on your location.

We can provide you with a general idea of the costs involved in brake service repair in Greenwich, CT.

  1. Brake Pad Replacement:
    • Front or rear brake pad replacement: $100 to $350 per axle.
    • High-performance or premium brake pads may cost more.
  2. Brake Rotor Replacement:
    • Front or rear brake rotor replacement: $150 to $400 per axle.
    • Machining (resurfacing) rotors might be less expensive than outright replacement.
  3. Brake Caliper Replacement:
    • Brake caliper replacement: $100 to $500 per caliper.
    • This cost can vary depending on whether you need to replace the entire caliper or just certain components.
  4. Brake Fluid Flush:
    • Brake fluid flush: $70 to $150.
    • This cost can depend on the type of brake fluid used and whether the service includes bleeding the brake lines.
  5. Brake Hose Replacement:
    • Brake hose replacement: $80 to $150 per hose.
    • Costs can vary based on the type of hose and whether it’s a front or rear brake hose.
  6. Labor Costs:
    • Labor costs can vary widely depending on the shop’s hourly rate and the complexity of the brake service. Expect labor costs to be a significant portion of the total bill.

Whether you need a full brake replacement in Greenwich or a basic repair, our mechanics will give you an honest answer and reliable brake services. You can contact us today at (203) 324-0288 or stop by our station, located at 355 W Main St in Stamford, CT.