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    355 W Main St. Stamford, CT 06902

Wheel alignments performed by West High Service Station of Stamford, CT will help ensure your tires are angled at the proper levels with the ground, pointing straight ahead, and parallel to each other. A four-wheel alignment in Stamford is typically the most effective choice for many automobile owners, particularly those who have front-wheel drive. There are many advantages to hiring West High Service Station for your Stamford automotive wheel alignment requirements. Some of those benefits include the following.

  • Lessen Tire Wear & Tear: If the wheels of your vehicle are not properly aligned, it will often cause your tire to wear at a much more rapid rate. Having your vehicle tires aligned West High Service Station of Stamford, CT will give your tire life thousands of additional miles.
  • Increased Gas Mileage: In proper wheel alignment will create additional resistance to mobility of your tires. This resistance works in correlation with your gas mileage increasing.
  • Better Steering and Handling: If you have noticed that your car automatically steers to the side of the road, then this is most likely due to wheel alignment issues. With the proper wheel alignment, your car will drive more smoothly and do a greater job of absorbing bumps and shocks.
  • Secure Driving: West High Service Station will also perform a thorough suspension Stamford system inspection along with the wheel alignment procedure.

West High Service Station has built a reputation for being the best auto repair shop in Stamford by providing high quality auto repairs at competitive pricing. We service vehicles in all makes and models and even though we are based in Stamford, we have customers from surrounding towns of Greenwich, Darien, Norwalk, New Canaan, Weston and Westport who regularly service their automobiles at our station. All automotive repair and mechanic services at West High Automotive Service Station are performed by highly qualified mechanics. Stop by our station located at 355 W Main St Stamford, CT or contact us today at (203) 324-0288 to schedule an appointment.