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    355 W Main St. Stamford, CT 06902

West High Service Station provides expert wheel alignment and tire rotation services for automotive owners in Darien, CT and surrounding towns. Appropriately aligned tires will lower the amount of tire wear and ensure that your vehicle moves without leaning to one side or the other. Allow West High Service Stations certified tire specialists rotate and align your vehicles tires during your next routine automotive maintenance service. Our technicians utilize the most modern equipment to meticulously examine your vehicle’s tires for uneven wear, cracking, or slow leaks.

Best Wheel Alignment, Tire Balance Rotation & Automotive Maintenance Services in Darien, CT

Wheel Alignments and tire balance and rotation in Darien, CT by West High Service Station are accurate. We possess the precision equipment required to perform the intricate process of ensuring your vehicles tires are accurately balanced and aligned. If you are looking for affordable car maintenance services in Darien, CT  then you’ve come to the right place!  West High Service Station is a family owned business located at 355 W Main St in Stamford, CT.

Wheel alignment is basic car maintenance service that encompasses adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are set to the original specifications set by the manufacture. The most significant reason is to allow the suspension and the steering systems operate at their designated angles, which works to reduces tire wear and tear.  Alignment is a complex process and not all mechanics have the expertise or machinery to do it correctly. To have experts handle your car’s alignment, you can rely on West High Service Station.

To maintain your car’s wheel alignment and tire balance system in best possible shape, bring your car to West High Service Station, located at 355 W Main St in Stamford, CT. Allow our trained and experienced mechanics provide you with a comprehensive system inspection and offer the best service suggestions to keep your car or truck in top performance condition.