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West High Service Station provides auto transmission repair services in Darien, CT that involve diagnosing and fixing issues related to the automatic transmission system in a vehicle. The transmission is a critical component that controls the transfer of power from the engine to the wheels, allowing the vehicle to shift gears smoothly and efficiently. Here are some common services provided by our Darien auto transmission repair shop:

  1. Diagnostics: When a transmission problem is suspected, our Darien auto repair shop will perform a thorough diagnostic test using specialized equipment and software. This helps identify the specific issue and determine the necessary repairs or adjustments.
  2. Fluid Check and Replacement: The transmission fluid level, quality, and condition are checked. If needed, the old fluid is drained, and new fluid is added. Regular fluid maintenance is crucial for optimal transmission performance and longevity.
  3. Transmission Fluid Leak Repair: If there is a leak in the transmission system, our repair shop will locate the source of the leak and repair or replace the faulty seals, gaskets, or components causing the leak.
  4. Transmission Filter Replacement: The transmission filter prevents contaminants from entering the transmission fluid. Over time, it can become clogged, affecting the performance of the transmission. Our vehicle repair shop can replace the filter to ensure proper fluid flow and filtration.
  5. Solenoid Replacement: The transmission solenoids control the flow of transmission fluid and facilitate gear shifts. If a solenoid is malfunctioning, it can cause shifting problems. In such cases, the repair shop can replace the faulty solenoid.
  6. Clutch Repair or Replacement: In vehicles with a traditional torque converter-based automatic transmission, the clutch system may require repair or replacement if it becomes worn out or damaged. This typically involves removing the transmission and replacing the clutch components.
  7. Valve Body Repair or Replacement: The valve body is a crucial part of the transmission that directs the flow of transmission fluid to engage specific gears. If the valve body is damaged or has worn-out components, it can result in shifting problems. Repair shops can repair or replace the valve body to restore proper operation.
  8. Transmission Rebuild or Replacement: In more severe cases of transmission damage, our repair shop may perform a transmission rebuild or replacement. A rebuild involves disassembling the transmission, inspecting and replacing worn-out or damaged parts, and reassembling it. If the transmission is beyond repair, a replacement unit may be installed.
  9. Computer Reprogramming: In modern vehicles with electronically controlled transmissions, our repair shop may need to reprogram the transmission control module (TCM) or perform software updates to resolve certain issues or optimize transmission performance.

It’s important to note that the costs associated with transmission repair services can vary depending on the specific issue and the type of transmission system in the vehicle (e.g., automatic, manual, CVT). You can contact us today at  (203) 324-0288 to schedule an appointment! and our auto transmission repair shop will accurately diagnose and address any transmission problems you may be experiencing. West High Service Station is located at 355 W Main St in Stamford, CT.